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Doll Tutorial by SailorSilverFalcon03 Doll Tutorial by SailorSilverFalcon03
*Edit* sorry i had to deletle it.. i thought another box would come up for me to type da tutorial XD but it didnt..

>.> nyah... this isnt the best.. im making this up as i type now, so bear with me.

Well, this is just a doll tutorial, cuz im bored. This tutorial is for MSPAINT!!! (tho u could probably use other fancy programs too) The doll is of Vash from Trigun (i'll make another tut later with a new doll sometime) and teh base is by Lola ([link]) and.... well, i guess thats pretty much it ^-^;;

hope this helps some people!
Tutorial (C)
Doll (C)
Vash (C) Yasuhiro Nightow
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**EDIT** I just relized i made a mistake... you also use the PENCIL in this tutorial... wow... i really forgot about that! Sorry! ;_;

well, start out with the base. I choose a guy base, though i usually don't make guy dolls. But for this, i needed one to make Vash. On the right you can see all the colors and tools i used. Thats allllll i used for the whole doll. And on the left you can see the beggining base to the final product. Well, onward!

Dolls 1-3.) After you have a base you like, just begin drawing the outline of the doll! I use the straightline (and sometimes curved) tool, but that takes practice. You can just use the pencil and draw the outline of your doll. After a while you will get better, it just takes time (i have been dollying for almost 3 years now lol XD).

Dolls 4-6.) Now take the bucket, and fill in the body white, so only the outline can be seen. This makes it alot easier come shading time.

Dolls 7-10.) Finish the outline and color the rest of it white. Now all you need is the hair outline.

Dolls 11-15.) Draw the outline of the hair, and color that in white as well. I also changed the eye color in 15.

Doll 16.) Shade the dolls hair. How do u do that? (( THIS IS NOT SHOWN)) Take the middle color ((i name this rule the middle color rule)) out of the five colors (well, i have 5 for this doll anyway, yours may be different. Mainly, just take the main hair color) and fill in the head. Now you have your outline of the hair and the hair colored. Noww shading time!With the pencil, take the LIGHTEST color you have, and make the highlights/ shine of the hair. (sorta like in anime, there is always some hair really light, and the shine seems to looks sorta spiky) Once you have the shine, take the second lightest color, and just sorta outline the shine that you just made. Finally, take the second darkest color, and just shade around the outline and any strands of the hair. ^-^ you are done with the hair now!

Doll 17.) start shading the gloves

Doll 18.) All you have to do here is fill in the coat. The only exeption for the middle color rule, is that i made the belt thing the darkest shade. Why? Because no light will hit it, so its dark! I also shaded the boots and finished the gloves.

Doll 19.) Start shading the outfit (aka coat). For the clothes, i do the opposite of the hair, i shade darker first, then lighter last. Sooo think about where the shadows would be, and thats where you make the clothes dark. (or at a crease, or if another piece of clothing overlaps it, just like the belt. See how i put a shadow underneat it?)

Doll 20.) Now all you have to do is add the shine! This is REALLY hard to EXPLAIN for me anyway. It sorta just comes natuarlly to me...... well, take the pencil and just try to go around the color in the middle. (so you can still see the main color, but also the lightest color)... -_-;; sorry for the bad explanation, really hard to explain how to do that...

Your finished! Just add you stamp to da doll! (aka signature) and your all done! Congrats!
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----

i really hoped this helps some peope, and if it doesnt, its still a good read XD... well, hopefully it will help someone.... bleh, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! ^-^ please.

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thredith Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
That's nice!, is good to see a doll tutorial, specially for paint!!. Well done!
BUnique Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really cool. I've been looking for a tut for some time.
swordbunny4486 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2006
That is cool!
life90 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006  Student Writer
how do u start it??
chickenpieonfire Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
good tutorial... when i started dolling a couple of years ago i wish somebody hadtold me this but mebe its too hard for beginners cos you dont explain what to do, eg, you just do pictures.
^^ thank you!

^^; yeah, i should probably work on using more words, i just tried to explain the pictures the best i could in the description
Nuxita Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
its a good tutorial... :XD:
clover93 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
LOOKIE LOOKIE!!! IT'S VASH-KUN!!!! :XD: Great tutorial.
SteelAngelIchigo Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
that helps do u need software lol
nope ^-^ MSPaint should come with your computer
SteelAngelIchigo Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
ok thanks
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